USBOXLA Coach Certification Course Level 1

USBOXLA Level 1 Coach Certification Course

This USBOXLA Level 1 Coaches Certification Course Course is comprised of 7 Modules, 48 Units and 3 quizzes. Coaches will be able to download the Official 2023 USBOXLA Rules and Situational Book. It is the most comprehensive Box Lacrosse coaches training ever developed for this game. Upon successful completion of the course you will be able to download the USBOXLA Level 1 Coaches Certificate.

Module 1 Welcome to USBOXLA
Unit 1 Official US Box Lacrosse Association (USBOXLA) Rule and Situational Book
Module 2 Risk Management
Unit 1 Sexual Abuse/Physical Abuse/Harassment
Unit 2 Risk Management: Concussion Awareness
Unit 3 Risk Management: Proper Equipment
Unit 4 Risk Management: Opening the Gate
Unit 5 Risk Management for Coaches Quizz
Module 3 USBOXLA Rule and Situational Book
Unit 1 Penalties - Calling of Penalties
Unit 2 Penalties - Types of Penalties
Unit 3 Penalties - Infraction Chart
Module 4 Know your Signals
Unit 1 Know Your Signals
Module 5 USBOXLA Game play
Unit 1 The Game
Unit 2 Face-Off Mechanics
Unit 3 30 Second Shot Clock
Unit 4 Place and Push vs Cross Checking
Unit 5 Crease Play
Unit 6 Restarting play after Crease Violation
Unit 7 Ball Off Goaltender’s Mask
Unit 8 Picks
Unit 9 Penalty Shots
Unit 10 Last Minute of Game
Unit 11 Time Outs
Unit 12 Overtime
Unit 13 Quizz - Know the USBOXLA Infractions
Unit 14 Quizz - USBOXLA Gameplay Quizz
Module 6 Team Skills Theory
Unit 1 Theory Introduction
Unit 2 Theory
Unit 3 5 on 5 Defense
Unit 4 5 on 5 Offense
Unit 5 Transition from Defense to Offense
Unit 6 Transition from Offense to Defense
Unit 7 Manshort Defense
Unit 8 Powerplay Offense
Unit 9 Congratulations