USBOXLA Directors Course and League Sanctioning

This course is the USBOXLA Director Training Module and League Sanctioning Program.  In it directors will learn:

  • how to apply to run a USBOXLA Sanctioned Tournament
  • the tools of the back end of the USBOXLA Player Membership system
  • injury reporting and filing claims
  • USBOXLA Medical and Safety Guide
  • concussion awareness programs
  • how to acquire USBOXLA Insurance Certificates for facilities
  • membership search tools
  • Medical Trainer Guide
  • access to Official USBOXLA Game Sheet
  • learn the game of USBOXLA branded Box Lacrosse with immediate Backstage PASS access to both the USBOXLA Level 1 Referee Certification Course and USBOXLA Level 1 Coaches Certification Course so you too can become USBOXLA Level 1 Certified.

Once you complete this course your league will be Officially USBOXLA Sanctioned and you will be given a unique code to grant and track Backstage PASS access to your staff of Referees and Coaches so that they may become USBOXLA Certified.

This course can be accessed at any time for support and resources to ensure your league is the safest and most professional in the USA.


To become USBOXLA Sanctioned tap or click here


USBOXLA Directors Course includes both: